Exchange or Outlook to Office 365

Transcend’s industry driving programming arrangements have been utilized by huge and private companies far and wide to move well more than 20 million post boxes

With innovation explicitly intended for fast throughput, upkeep of information constancy, flexibility to all framework arrangements, relocation the board and usability, Transend’s answers are utilized by probably the biggest and most unmistakable Fortune 500 and 100 organizations, just as little and medium measured organizations.

Authorizations – For group ventures, do I have to know the secret key of every client letter drop?

No. Notwithstanding your movement strategy (MAPI or EWS), you can relocate each client without expecting to utilize their secret phrase

Address Translation – What occurs if my email address in Office 365 is not the same as it was in my source Exchange condition?

By utilizing an Address Translation table, relocated messages will be repliable by making an interpretation of their old locations into their new locations

Deduping – Can I keep copy messages from moving?

Truly, by utilizing Deduplication, just novel messages will move into the Office 365 record

Message Filters – Can I indicate which messages or envelopes to relocate?

Truly, you may avoid certain messages/envelopes, (for example, your Spam organizer) and by setting certain channels, (for example, a date range, or setting a maximum connection measure) you have unlimited authority of precisely what information is relocated into Office 365

Repeating Calendar Entries – Do date-book sections hold their parent/kid relationship?

Repeating gatherings will be kept up as repeating (instead of isolated independent gatherings that lose their relationship to one another). You additionally can move just gatherings that you are proprietor of, or all logbook sections

Simple Installation/Configuration

Transend Migrator is the most straightforward item available to introduce and arrange. Establishment requires no specialized foundation and is finished inside 5 minutes. Since the item contains no conditions, and is intended to process most relocation situations out-of-the-case, design is instinctive and proficient. Custom alternatives that modify the default conduct to fulfill the necessities of any movement venture can be chosen effectively through check boxes.

Natural Interface

The Transend Migrator interface is very instinctive – yet ground-breaking, adaptable and adjustable. It is intended to give a positive relocation experience to both end clients moving a solitary post box and professionals moving various letter drops in clump mode.

Bolstered Messaging Systems

No item available backings a more extensive assortment of informing frameworks than Transend Migrator. One utility backings for all intents and purposes all Email frameworks and customers, including Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps/Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Novell GroupWise, Amazon WorkMail, IMAP, Mirapoint, Sun Messaging Systems, Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX, POP, Eudora, Outlook Express and some more.

Upheld Data Types

One utility proselytes all email information types in a single movement process — Messages, Address Books, Calendars and Task/To Do things.

Information Integrity Maintained

Unique message information, including metadata, is totally kept up in the objective framework, which is basic for keeping up ideal information devotion. Furthermore, source information isn’t undermined in any capacity – it’s left in a similar structure post-relocation as it was pre-movement.

Source envelope structure is kept up in the objective framework

Message connections are changed over and kept up with their messages in the objective framework

Inserted pictures are kept up with their messages in the objective framework

Changes over server letter boxes, chronicles and neighborhood mail documents legitimately to server post boxes or nearby records in the objective framework

Changes over individual organizers or whole envelope list in one procedure

Computerize the Migration of Multiple Mailboxes

Moving numerous letter boxes in Batch Mode has never been simpler. Clients can rapidly and effectively design and play out a cluster relocation all inside a similar interface. It’s as simple as essentially bringing in a record with client letter drop data preceding executing a bunch movement.

Adaptability Allows for Customization on the Fly

Transend Migrator is the most adaptable and adjustable device available. With a variety of custom choices, clients can without much of a stretch modify the default conduct of Transend Migrator to meet their particular needs. By choosing explicit custom choices, clients can apply criteria that channels information by sort, information measure, date ranges or set standards on the measure of information relocated per post box.

Convert all message envelopes or individual organizers

Convert a subset of messages that meet a specific criteria

Point of confinement the connection measure for transformation

Convert just those messages that fall inside a specific date extend

Change email delivers to coordinate those required by the new framework

Convert all Calendar occasions or just up and coming sections

Movement Management

Transend Migrator takes into consideration the administration of the whole movement venture from inside the application. Professionals or end clients can plan a relocation for a later time, delay and restart a movement, and screen the constant status of the movement (letter box via post box) by means of the Migration Monitor. Transend Migrator can go about as an end-client customer based movement utility, or a concentrated relocation the board framework that encourages the whole relocation process from a focal area.

Direction Line Processing

For the individuals who like, clump movements can be computerized by means of direction line to keep running in for all intents and purposes any condition or concentrated circumstance.